Council approves York and Elizabeth neighbourhood design concepts

Guelph, Ont., May 10, 2022 – Guelph’s urban design concept, informed by the land use study, for the York Road and Elizabeth Street neighbourhood was unanimously approved by City Council last night.

“The land use study and urban design concept give us a holistic, community-supported vision to guide development in this neighbourhood,” says David de Groot, senior urban designer. “The York and Elizabeth neighbourhood has a vibrant future. We’ll start by building a strong, safe and healthy community that will create places to live and work.”

The approved urban design concept applies to portions of the eastern sections of the neighbourhood, along Stevenson Street, the intersection of York Road and Victoria and some streets off Elizabeth Street and York Road, east of Victoria Road.

With Council’s approval of the urban design concept plan, the York Road and Elizabeth Street project is complete and the recommendations of the approved land use study have been incorporated in the Shaping Guelph: Growth Management Strategy and Official Plan Review (OPA 80).

Urban design shapes how an area will look

An urban design concept provides planning guidance for City staff and potential developers. Urban design considers:

  • what building forms and types to allow including heights and setbacks from streets;
  • transitions between different types of land uses, such as between residential and industrial areas; and
  • the need for public spaces, parks and sidewalks.

Urban design concepts include street cross-sections and 3D modelling to create a visual sense of what a neighbourhood will look like.

About the York and Elizabeth project

The urban design concept plans are part of the land use study and urban design concept plan for the York Road and Elizabeth Street neighbourhood. Started in January 2020, the project includes three main tasks: the background report, the land use study and the approved urban design concept.

Aerial map of York-Elizabeth study area

Media contact

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Planning and Building Services
City of Guelph
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