City launches first annual employment survey to better understand local economy

Summer students visiting local businesses to collect data

Guelph, Ont., May 12, 2022— On Monday, May 16, the City will begin its first annual employment survey to learn more about current trends in our local economy and inform business support programming as we begin to recover from the pandemic.

“This significantly important data will allow the City to gain better local business intelligence and identify trends in our economy over time.” notes Christine Chapman, manager, Economic Development. “We don’t simply want to know the amount of growth experienced during recovery, we want to better understand how our economy is recovering and how it continues to grow.”

Students will visit local businesses in-person to conduct the survey on behalf of the City. They will be wearing shirts branded with the City’s Invest in Guelph logo and will identify themselves as working with the City of Guelph.

The survey is optional, and local businesses are encouraged to share as much information as possible to help with this research.

The employment survey and the information being collected supports the City’s goal to expand support for existing businesses, as identified in the 2022-2026 Economic Development and Tourism Strategy. All information will be collected, stored and shared in accordance with municipal privacy legislation and requirements.

Anyone with questions or comments about the survey or wanting to confirm that a visit by survey students is legitimate, can contact Peter Minkiewicz at [email protected] or 519-822-1260 extension 2475.

About the Economic Development and Tourism Strategy

The Economic Development and Tourism Strategy supports a future-ready Guelph by helping to create a sustainable, creative and smart local economy that is connected to regional and global markets and supports shared prosperity for everyone. The strategy also supports the community’s vision for fostering inclusive prosperity as reflected in the Community Plan. With a renewed focus on people, the strategy aims to support local businesses, create jobs, and attract investments through the growth of Guelph’s industry clusters and a focus on several key sectors. It also includes specific actions to support COVID-19 economic recovery efforts in Guelph.

About Invest in Guelph

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For more information

Peter Minkiewicz, Economic Development Officer
Economic Development and Tourism
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 2475
[email protected]