1563-1579 Gordon St., 42-48 Lowes Rd W. & 164-182 Dawn Ave.

The proposed site is located at 1563-1579 Gordon Street, 42 & 48 Lowes Road West, and 164,174,182 Dawn Avenue – west of Gordon Street and south of Lowes Road. The planned development is a mix of stacked cluster townhouses and single detached lots. There revised concept plan shows six blocks coloured in brown of 150 stacked cluster townhouse units and 8 single detached dwellings also coloured in brown along Dawn Avenue. The adjacent property at the southwest corner of Gordon Street and Lowes Road West contains a recently completed 6 storey apartment and a crescent with 36 new single detached dwellings, which are shown for reference. Aerial imagery for all surrounding properties is also shown.

File number OZS22-006

The applicant proposes to develop six (6) stacked townhouse blocks with a total of 150 cluster townhouse units, in addition to eight (8) single-detached dwelling units along Dawn Avenue.

Original submission-April 2022

2nd submission-June 2023


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