Guelph Shops Business Spotlight Profile – Serveased

Serveased launched their business in August 2020. They are a Guelph-based skill development and matching platform to support immigrants on their journey to settling in their new location. Customers can use the platform to order services personalized to their needs and rendered at the comfort of their location, 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Olufemi Bamidele, owner of Serveased

Olufemi Bamidele is a professional engineer with a passion for innovation and problem solving. He had always wanted to be an entrepreneur as a child. Following a move to Canada in 2015 to pursue a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Guelph he successfully grew from a technical manager to a strategic manager and collaborated with industrial giants across several industries to get to where he is now, contributing to the greater good.

Olufemi launched Serveased because he saw an opportunity to assist new immigrants and other people going through life phases with the settlement process. His own settlement journey as an immigrant was an emotional one filled with ups and downs, and he found it challenging to transition smoothly and find a job that fit his skill set as a registered engineer from Nigeria. Now that he has successfully been through this settlement journey, he sees it as a calling and a greater purpose to look back and contribute to improving the settlement process for new immigrants in Canada.

Business background

Olufemi believes that everyone has some skills, whether they have gone through the four walls of a school or not. With this belief Serveased launched operations in August of 2020. He chose Guelph for his business because it is his home in Canada and his kids were born here.

Serveased is a two-sided customer to customer (C2C) marketplace to onboard, train and certify skills and connect them with millions of customers who need services related to the skills. The app functionalities for the service providers are customized to meet the pain points of immigrants and people going through life phases and convert them to professional service providers within a month or less.

It is a subscription-based model where customers access an array of desired services and pay monthly fees. They are not just an on-demand service ordering platform – they have also developed an ecosystem including education, skill certification, investment support, content sharing, service ordering and social networking to meet the needs of customers.

When asked why it’s important to support local, Olufemi responded, “Charity begins at home. One’s first responsibility is for the needs of one’s own family and friends. The local community is your family in this case.”

We also asked what makes Serveased unique.

“Serveased is based on the principle that every human has some skill and the right to earn income through the use of such skills,” replied Olufemi. “We aim to create a friendly community environment through further development of such skills and connect them to customers who need them. We are a community-focused social enterprise providing skill-development opportunities.”

The company’s future plans include raising funds, optimizing their strategy to continue creating more value for their customers and scaling up.

Visit the Serveased website to learn more about their many services available or to learn more about becoming a service provider.

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