Water and Wastewater Servicing Master Plan – March 2022 progress summary

Q1, 2020–Q1, 2023; 50 per cent complete

Recent progress/achievements to date

  • Consultation meeting with Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation in October 2021
  • Completed the model development and calibration and the final calibration report is being reviewed
  • Completed the preliminary analysis of the existing system and its constraints
  • Established future growth scenarios for the system assessment based on Shaping Guelph inputs

New opportunities or relevant challenges of public interest

  • The City’s Shaping Guelph Growth Management Strategy significantly influences the water and wastewater servicing strategy. As recently (January 17, 2022) endorsed by Council, the preferred growth scenario’s data can now be used as a key input to this master plan. Accordingly, staff have updated the project schedule to reflect both the availability of this key set of inputs and alignment with the multi-year budget cycle.

Next steps

  • Assess the existing and future system conditions and identify servicing shortfalls, prepare options to meet current and future level of service and output a series of projects for implementation.
  • Prepare for and host the second open house in Q3, 2022
  • Create the implementation and financing plan