Changes to Clair Road bulk water fill station

Private vehicle air gap required by July 1, 2022

The City of Guelph is making changes to customer account terms for using the Clair Road bulk water fill station. These changes include actions you need to take to preserve your customer account and continue to receive bulk water at this location.

To protect against potential contamination between customer uses at the bulk water fill station, the City is requiring customers to have a top of tank air gap when filling private vehicles with bulk water. This is mandatory to maintain a current customer account and to access bulk water at this location.

In support of this requirement the City is releasing new customer terms of account effective May 1, 2022. These terms will require a customer signature as well as a physical inspection of the vehicle air gap to satisfy renewal of customer accounts by July 1, 2022.  As a current customer of the Clair Road bulk water fill station you will receive email notices of these changes.

Please see below for further information about private air gap and other vehicle requirements to continue using the bulk water fill station.

Vehicle requirements for bulk water station use



Air gap requirements

  • If not already present on our vehicle, permanently rigid piping, including a top of tank air gap, must be installed on your vehicle to ensure consistent protection of the drinking water system.
  • The air gap must be twice the diameter of the rigid fill pipe, to be approved by the City.

Hose requirements

  • Customers must provide their own fill hose to accommodate the size of adaptor they have on their tank 80 millimeters (mm) or 3 inches.
  • The hose must be able to withstand 80 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure.
  • Your fill hose should have at least one female coupler end to connect to the male cam-lock adaptor at each station.
  • The length of your hose must reach from your vehicle to the cam-lock adaptor.

Adapter requirements

  • The male cam-lock adapter must be 80 mm or 3 inches in diameter. This will be provided by City of Guelph
  • Female cam-lock adapter must be 80 mm or 3 inches in diameter. This must be provided by bulk water customer.

Failure to maintain the inspected air gap on the bulk water vehicle will result in the cancellation of your bulk water account and Clair Road bulk water fill station access.

For more information

Wayne Galliher, Division Manager
Water Services, Environmental Services
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 2106
[email protected]