Bylaw compliance officers start piloting body cameras February 10

Guelph, Ont., February 3, 2022 – Starting February 10, uniformed bylaw compliance officers at the City of Guelph will wear body-worn cameras on duty as a part of a one-year pilot to increase transparency, strengthen community wellbeing by increasing comfort with compliance officers and create a sense of safety and accountability for the community and staff.

“Bylaw counterparts at other municipalities have successfully implemented body-worn cameras and we’re pleased to join them,” says Doug Godfrey, general manager of Operations at the City. “Investing in this technology for Guelph’s bylaw compliance officers supports a strong, vibrant, safe and healthy community.”

Bylaw officers will have discretion of when their cameras begin recording with the goal of gathering evidence for legal investigations. Not all interactions will be recorded.

Body-worn cameras support effective bylaw enforcement service by providing:

  • enhanced accountability,
  • resources for training purposes, and
  • transparency that builds trust with the community, colleagues and partner agencies.

Footage used as evidence is securely stored by the City for two years and one day before being deleted; all other footage is kept for 60 days. The City will ensure confidentiality is maintained for anyone whose image is captured. The cameras were purchased through funding from the 2022 municipal budget.


Read the Body Worn Camera Policy

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City of Guelph
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