Guelph Shops Business Spotlight Profile – F45 Training Gordon Square

F45 Training Gordon Square are planning to open in October 2021. They are a membership-based boutique fitness studio that runs 45-minute workouts every day in a group environment.

F45 Training Gordon Square is located at 1886 Gordon Street.

Maria Fearnall, Bill Hunter and Mat Waekans, owners of F45 Training Gordon Square

Maria Fearnall, Bill Hunter, and Mat Waekans form the ownership group for F45 Training Gordon Square.

Maria has been a competitive cheerleading coach for over 15 years and has always wanted to dive into the fitness industry. Maria also has entrepreneurial strengths which are demonstrated through her graphic design business. She is always looking for the next entrepreneurial adventure and F45 Training met both her passions and strengths perfectly.

Maria and her fiancé Bill needed a life change and did a lot of research info F45 Training. After a lot of work, quitting jobs and diving all in, F45 Training Doon was born in Kitchener in October 2020.

They were lucky to have Mat referred to them and he was the perfect person to make F45 Training Doon a success. Mat is a personal trainer and runs his own business as well. Like minded and driven, Mat saw the potential F45 Training studios had which resulted in him being added into the owners group.

Business background

F45 Training Gordon Square are planning to open in October 2021.

Maria, Bill and Mat opened their first location, F45 Doon, in Kitchener in 2020. Seeing the success and growth in their location matched with the strengths and growth in Guelph, a Guelph location made sense as the next step.

Maria lived in the south end of Guelph and loved it which resulted in the location choice on Gordon Street. When asked about her time living in the south end of Guelph, Maria replied “The people, the environment, it’s such a great place to live and I wanted to bring our business model to this side of town. It also brings me back which I love!”

The idea for running an F45 Training location originally came from the ownership group’s passion for helping people truly change their lives for the better. F45 Training has a great set up when it comes to creating a great community and being inclusive and welcoming to everyone. Maria says “This is a great stepping stone for someone who is new to fitness but also the challenge one needs if they’re ready for the next level in their fitness journey.”

When asked why it’s important to support local, Maria responded, “It’s so important to support local right now because small businesses have such a strong presence in our community. We are not corporate businesses, we put our whole being into our business and that’s something you simply cannot replace.”

We also asked what makes F45 Training Gordon Square unique.

“We have an amazing core group of coaches who have already worked hard at making our Kitchener location so special,” replied Maria. “Their attention to detail, our members and everything in between is what makes our team stand out. With their experience and passion for fitness & health, our coaches put their whole heart into this position.”

The company’s future plans include continuing to expand their membership base and offerings. They are also hopeful to bring F45 Training’s Youth Program to the Gordon Square location.

The ownership group is over the moon to bring this business to Guelph. They are hoping to have a great opening and a warm welcoming to the area.

Visit F45 Training Gordon Square’s website to learn more about their program offerings and memberships. Please follow local public health guidelines when visiting.

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