Get to know your zone as Guelph shares draft Zoning Bylaw

Provide feedback by December 20

Guelph, Ont., October 28, 2021 – On November 8, City staff will present the new draft Zoning Bylaw for Council discussion. No decision is being made at this Council meeting.

“We’re updating Guelph’s Zoning Bylaw and  the zone for the area you live in is changing, along with what you and your neighbours can do on your property,” explains Abby Watts, project manager for the Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw Review. “We want to hear from all Guelph community members, including businesses and property owners, to get their feedback before we finalize the new Zoning Bylaw next year.”

Guelph’s zoning bylaw sets out rules for all properties in the city including rules for:

  • how a property can be used, for example residential, commercial or industrial use
  • the size of a property
  • where buildings can go on a property
  • how tall, what size, and how many buildings can be built
  • the number of parking spaces and where the spaces are located

Making Guelph’s Zoning Bylaw work for you

The new draft Zoning Bylaw was prepared based on recommendations from discussion papers, City staff review and expertise, a review of other municipal practices and community feedback. The draft bylaw also went through a peer review with external zoning experts and a legal review.

The draft bylaw includes the following improvements to Guelph’s current Zoning Bylaw:

  • A Guelph-specific approach based on Guelph data
  • An accessible, user-friendly format with illustrations
  • Flexible zones allowing more than one building type
  • Streamlining of the development review process
  • Alignment with Guelph’s Official Plan to:
    • increase resiliency to climate change
    • protect and enhance tree canopy cover
    • support active transportation and reduce vehicle dependency
    • allow for more affordable housing through flexible zones
    • provide a range of housing types and densities for diverse lifestyles

“We’re confident the new Zoning Bylaw will add value to the community by ensuring regulations that support a healthy economy and environmental priorities, while increasing available housing for all community needs,” adds Watts.

Have your say

Watch the Council meeting at on November 8 at 6:30 p.m. To delegate or submit written comments about the draft bylaw, register online at or contact the City Clerk’s office at [email protected] by 10 a.m. on Friday, November 5.

Following the Council meeting, community members and property owners can visit to attend a virtual open house, ask questions and provide comments between November 9 and December 20, 2021.

Get to know your zone, check out upcoming engagement opportunities and read the draft new zoning bylaw at

Next steps

The next phase of the project will include a public meeting and Council decision on the final recommended zoning bylaw in 2022.

Media contact

Abby Watts, Project Manager, Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw Review
Planning and Building Services
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 3314
[email protected]