Is hair spray considered hazardous waste? You bet it is.

Prevent fires and protect staff by getting rid of hazardous waste safely

Guelph, Ont., August 30, 2021 – When you think about household hazardous waste, you might be thinking about engine oil or chemicals from cleaning products, but hairspray, cooking spray and spray-on sunscreen are hazardous waste too.

Almost 700 aerosol cans are thrown into waste carts every month, sometimes causing fires and hurting the people who sort your garbage.

Aerosol cans don’t go in your waste carts

Put combustible aerosol cans aside with other household hazardous waste items like batteries and paint and drop them off for free at the Waste Resources Innovation Centre at 110 Dunlop Drive.

Common household hazardous items

  • Batteries
  • Paint
  • Fluorescent lightbulbs
  • Aerosol spray cans (deodorant, hair spray, sunscreen, insect spray, cleaning products, etc.)
  • Propane tanks

Visit for how to prepare certain hazardous materials before drop off.

Throw away hazardous waste in four easy steps

  1. Set aside hazardous waste in a safe spot, separate from your waste collection carts. When you’re ready, bring it to the Waste Resources Innovation Centre at 110 Dunlop Drive.
  2. Follow the signs for the household hazardous waste drop-off gate.
  3. Wait until we ask you to unload your vehicle. Please note that smoking and using mobile phones aren’t allowed during unloading.
  4. Complete and sign the household hazardous waste ticket.

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