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Guelph Arts Council (GAC) is a registered charity with a volunteer Board of Directors. GAC serves as a community resource and a cultural hub for local artists, arts groups, and audiences. They recently launched their new Guelph Arts Hub website which offers local artists and art groups the opportunity to sell their products through their online store.

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Founded in 1975, GAC was one of Ontario’s first community arts councils. GAC has worked to build the cultural heart of Guelph by helping new cultural initiatives take flight, and by collaborating to create a thriving creative city. They support Guelph’s creative community, engage Guelph’s residents and visitors with the arts, and promote the benefits of the arts for individuals and communities.

In 1974 Guelph’s City Council, recognizing the transformative potential of arts and culture and the creativity of Guelphites, passed a resolution directing the Mayor to establish an arts council for the community. GAC was established as a non-profit organization and then became a registered charity.

GAC serves as a resource and hub, both physically and digitally, for local creatives of all disciplines to connect with each other and with new audiences, to learn, and to grow their artistic practices and creative businesses. GAC champions the local creative community. They work to create and promote opportunities in the cultural sector, for all the benefits that the arts deliver for individuals and communities.

Guelph Arts Council’s new website, the Guelph Arts Hub, launched July 26, 2021. The website offers new and improved online services for members, organizations, and the local community. Arts Hub visitors can shop, access an arts and culture events calendar, read arts news articles, discover program offerings, find resources, and browse a member directory.

When asked why it’s important to support local artists and art groups, Patti Broughton, Executive Director of the GAC responded, “GAC’s work is important because the arts make all of our lives better, and because the vibrant and diverse community of artists and arts organizations that calls Guelph home is extraordinary. We also know that the arts contribute to strong local economies, support vibrant and welcoming neighborhoods, and attract skilled and talented workforces. Investments in culture and tourism are investments in Guelph’s economic recovery.”

Visit GAC’s online shop to check out the artwork for sale and to support local artists and art groups. Stay connected with GAC and the local arts scene through their e-newsletter and through social media on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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