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The Good Nik sells a food product called Chickee Dough. Chickee Dough tastes like edible cookie dough, but it is made with a chickpea base and it is both vegan and dairy-free. The Good Nik’s Chickee Dough comes in three amazing flavours – chocolate chip, chocolate mint, and choco-lot and is no-bake and edible as is.

The Good Nik is online at They have been operating since June 28, 2021.

Annika, owner of The Good Nik

Annika Lusis started The Good Nik in 2021. Annika is a teenage foodie, treat-maker, and aspiring chef. She makes and sells small-batch, big snacks locally here in Guelph Ontario. She has a love of making food and sharing it with others which she credits to her Filipino grandmother. Her grandmother taught her how to make many things over the years, but her all-time favourite is Filipino spring rolls and Latvian Piragi. Starting at a young age, Annika would make and sell these at festivals or at school fairs. Annika would like to either be a chef, or work in the culinary industry in some way.

Business background

The Good Nik is a new company that launched at the end of June 2021. Annika began working on refining the recipe, website, and branding months ahead of the launch. She makes and sells the product in small batches on Mondays and offers delivery in Guelph and pickup to those outside of Guelph.

Annika always wanted to work in the culinary industry but due to COVID-19 and her young age, she hasn’t had many opportunities. To solve the problem and follow through with her passions, she created her own job this summer with the help of the Business Centre Guelph-Wellington’s Summer Company, which is a program that helps youth run their own summer businesses.

When Annika perfected the recipe, she gave a good friend of hers some Chickee Dough to test. After tasting it, she immediately said she should go to market with it. Annika says “It’s tricky because people are a little skeptical about chickpeas tasting like cookie dough. But it is really delicious. I get A LOT of repeat customers.”

When asked why it’s important to support local, Annika responded, “Shopping local helps support the local economy. It also helps to build our City’s local business identity which is so important now with the effects that COVID has had on our city. There are so many great local businesses to support in Guelph.”

We also asked what makes The Good Nik unique.

“I think because I am only 16 and I am running a business, is probably the most unique thing about it,” replied Annika. “People are surprised by my age and my enthusiasm for the culinary industry. My product Chickee Dough itself is unique. To have chickpeas actually taste like cookie dough, it sounds too good to be true.”

Annika’s original intention was to run this company for the summer since she returns to high school in September. She has since considered continuing the business but to continue she would have to find a new commercial kitchen to use. She has also considered selling another food product during the school year but hasn’t decided yet.

Annika is very passionate about the business and wanted to let everyone know to “Give Chickee Dough a try! It’s really tasty and customers who’ve said they don’t normally like the taste of cookie dough, love it. Kids love the taste and can’t tell it’s made mostly of chickpeas, and parents like it because it’s a healthier option for a treat. Anyone interested can go to to find out more.” Annika also added, “I would encourage students to give Summer Company a try. It has been a positive experience and a great chance to develop business skills.”

Visit The Good Nik online to learn more about their Chickee Dough options.

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