City releases KPMG report: review finds City performing well, identifies opportunities for service optimization

Guelph, Ont., July 8, 2021 – Today the City of Guelph released a report by KPMG Canada that details the results of a service rationalization review directed by City Council during the 2021 budget process.

The service rationalization review is a third party assessment of services the City currently delivers, the identification of gaps and challenges in the delivery of those services, the benchmarking of City performance against comparator cities, and the presentation of opportunities for modernization and the optimization of City services.

In total, KPMG identifies 53 opportunities for making City service delivery more effective and efficient. Of those, 17 reflect work already underway, having been initiated either before the start of the project, or since December of last year.

The top opportunities were prioritized based on financial benefit/investment, customer experience impact, and level of risk or barriers to implementation. They include:

  • Prioritizing digitization initiatives
  • Implementing a customer relationship management system (CRM)
  • Reviewing the development approval process
  • Implementing a unified payment platform
  • Reviewing the user fee structure for City services
  • Reviewing the station location of paramedic services in the City and County
  • Centralizing back-office support functions among City, boards, and agencies
  • Investing in resources for equity, anti-racism and Indigenous initiatives

Staff are asking Council to approve a plan to action these prioritized opportunities, along with the remaining 26 that aren’t already underway, and incorporate them into future work plans and multi-year budgets that support the City’s strategic plan.

Council will receive KPMG’s report and presentation at a special meeting on July 19.

About the service rationalization review

The City of Guelph service rationalization review began in March 2021 after City Council directed staff to undertake the review during the 2021 budget process.

The review was conducted by KPMG Canada and involved an environmental scan, a current state analysis, the establishment of 38 service profiles and an evaluation of the City’s performance as measured by 149 key performance indicators, and the development of opportunities and recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery.

Media contact

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Corporate Services
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