City of Guelph moving forward with plans for Dolime quarry revitalization and protection of Guelph’s drinking water

Municipal Councils to discuss proposed annexation and request for Minister’s Zoning Order at upcoming meetings

Guelph, Ont., June 3, 2021 – Throughout June and July, the Township of Guelph/Eramosa (Township), County of Wellington (County) and City of Guelph (City) will be presenting their respective municipal Councils with a proposed annexation agreement and the City’s request for a Minister’s Zoning Order related to the Dolime quarry site. The agreement and zoning order are the first steps in moving the City’s community-supported solution for the quarry revitalization and protection of Guelph’s drinking water ahead.

“Through engagement in 2019 we heard strong community support for the solution that Council approved in 2020,” says Jennifer Rose, general manager of Environmental Services for the City. “We’re excited to be able to move the solution forward and really appreciate both the Township’s and County’s support in making this happen.”

The proposed annexation agreement would bring the quarry lands into the City’s municipal boundary. The quarry is currently part of Guelph/Eramosa Township but surrounded on three sides by the City’s urban boundary.

If the proposal to extend the City’s boundary to include the quarry lands is approved, the City would take control of the quarry’s water supply and build an on-site water management system. This would address the City’s drinking water concerns, and potentially free up 11 million litres of groundwater a day currently used in quarry operations.

Councils will also consider the City’s request to the province for a Minister’s Zoning Order, a tool that allows the City to rezone the land.

Next steps and future opportunities to engage

Pending approval of the annexation agreement and support for a Minister’s Zoning Order by Township, County and City Councils, and subsequent Provincial approval, the City and quarry owner will move forward on detailed planning for the residential development. Residential development planning will follow the City’s standard planning processes, ensuring more opportunities for the community to engage throughout the process and before final plans are approved.


In 2019, the City launched Our Community, Our Water with an extensive public engagement program around a proposal to close the quarry and revitalize the site into a new residential neighbourhood. More than 230 residents from the City and Township participated in online and in-person opportunities to learn more about how the proposal would protect the long-term quality and quantity of Guelph’s drinking water.

Under the Council-approved solution, the Dolime Quarry will close early and the quarry site will be revitalized into a new mixed-use residential neighbourhood. Most importantly, the City will take control of the quarry’s water supply which is essential for protecting the clean and safe drinking water Guelphites value.

Upcoming City Council meetings

Committee of Whole
Monday, July 5
2 p.m.

City Council
Monday, July 19
6:30 p.m.

Remote meetings live-streamed at

Report will be posted to the July 5 meeting agenda in the Council and committee calendar on June 24.

Have your say

Visit Our Community, Our Water on to learn more about the proposed boundary and zoning changes and ask questions.

To speak or send comments to the City, please contact the City Clerk’s Office by email, phone, mail, or in-person by 10 a.m. on the Friday before the meeting.

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Media Contact

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Environmental Services
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