City looking to build on Farmers’ Market tradition through partnership opportunity with 10C

Council also being asked to approve refreshed vision, mission and goals for Farmers’ Market

Guelph, Ont., June 24, 2021 – On July 5 Council will review a proposal from City staff and 10 Carden Shared Space (10C) to explore a community partnership that would strengthen the Farmers’ Market tradition and expand use of the market building by animating the space throughout the week.

“We’re really excited about the potential of this partnership to bring new energy to the market,” said Jayne Holmes, the City’s deputy chief administrative officer for Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise services. “10C has put together an inspiring and thoughtful proposal that leverages the unique strengths of a number of community organizations with a diverse range of services including food security, the arts and entrepreneurship.”

10C is so far proposing to collaborate with the Guelph Arts Council, the SEED, the Guelph Chamber of Commerce, Innovation Guelph, the Guelph Tool Library and the Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition. The University of Guelph’s school of Landscape Architecture would also contribute through a community design studio to explore ways to enhance and animate the space around the market. Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation and PRIVA, two global organizations with expertise in sustainable city farming, are also on the list of organizations involved in the 10C proposal, with more collaborators expected to join if Council approves moving ahead.

Refreshing the Farmers’ Market vision, mission and goals

Through this report, City staff is also asking Council to approve the refreshed Farmers’ Market vision, mission and goals which were informed by comprehensive community and stakeholder engagement as part of the Refreshing our Local Tradition project. The new goals were developed to build on the success of the Saturday Farmers’ Market and ensure the tradition continues.

10C’s proposal is aimed at helping to fulfill the ambitious vision, mission and goals for the Farmers’ Market, a job the City could not do as well on its own,” said John Regan, general manager of Economic Development and Tourism for the City. “Their collaborative, multi-organization approach is a key benefit of their proposal.”

Next steps

If Council gives City staff the green light to explore the proposed Farmers’ Market partnership opportunity, staff would begin negotiating with 10C in the hopes of returning to Council later this year for their approval.

Pending approval of the refreshed Farmers’ Market vision, mission and goals, staff would bring a budget request to Council through the 2022 budget to support this work.

The Farmers’ Market will continue to operate as usual, following COVID-19 regulations and public health guidelines.


After hearing concerns from market vendors and customers about outdated policies and procedures, lack of funding and staffing challenges, City staff undertook a review of the market’s bylaw and operations. In 2018, staff initiated a consultative process entitled Refreshing Our Local Tradition and included community and stakeholder engagement, as well as a review of other municipal farmers’ market operations.

Informed by the consultant’s report and recommendations, the City looked to the community for innovative and entrepreneurial ideas and proposals that would ensure the continued success of the Saturday market while enabling the animation of the market building throughout the rest of the week. This call to explore options from not-for-profit, social enterprise, cooperatives or businesses that could support the business plan and engage the local food community was issued April 12 and closed May 10.


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