Council approves moving forward with the City’s Operations Campus

Site design to be reviewed by Council in 2024

Guelph, Ont., May 31, 2021 – Council has approved the location and site preparations for the Operations Campus—the recommended alternative in the City’s business case presented to Council earlier this month. The centralized set of facilities will house critical services for the community, such as snow removal, solid waste collection, transit and fleet maintenance.

Council also approved an additional motion to bring the Operations Campus site plan back to Council for review in 2023. It brings additional Council oversight and touch points before shovels hit the ground.

“Support for a centralized campus is the best possible outcome for the community and staff,” says Antti Vilkko, general manager of Facilities and Energy Management at the City of Guelph. “As Guelph grows to 203,000 people by 2051, planning for expanded service delivery and maximizing efficiency is a key benefit of centralizing the City’s operations.”

The new facilities will also help achieve climate change goals set by Council including electrifying the City’s transit fleet.

Funding the Operations Campus

The Operations Campus will cost between $186–$228 million, funded over the next 10-15 years by existing infrastructure renewal and growth capital funding strategies, that align with the City’s Debt Management Policy and grant revenue.

“Council has been responsibly preparing for this financial need for a number of years in anticipation that aging infrastructure, coupled with the growth of Guelph, would require prioritization of these facilities,” says Tara Baker, treasurer and general manager of Finance. “By approving this project now, the City can begin budgeting for this project to get shovels in the ground over the next decade.”

What’s next?

The City will work on field studies and data collection for the site on the corner of Stone Road and Watson Parkway, and preliminary design for the site throughout 2021 and 2022. Design of the overall campus site plan is expected to be complete in 2023.

Information will be shared with the community regarding the facility attributes, protection of natural areas, integration of the nearby trail networks, preservation of the cultural heritage assets and construction impacts in the years ahead.

For more information about the project timelines visit the Operations Campus project page and select the operations campus from the capital project list. Quarterly updates will be available as the project continues and corresponding budget requests will be brought forward as part of the City’s annual budget process.

Media contact

Antti Vilkko, General Manager
Facilities and Energy Management
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 2490
[email protected]