The City’s discounted rain barrel sale starts today, April 9!

Rain barrels are sold online and delivered to your door

April 9, 2021

The City’s annual spring rain barrel sale opens today and will run while quantities last. Discounted rain barrels are available for Guelph residents to purchase online for $30.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, rain barrels are delivered contact-free to the address provided. Residents are limited to one discounted rain barrel per household. Additional rain barrel purchases will be charged the full amount of $63.50.

Why buy a rain barrel?

Water is good, but rain is better. Guelph tap water is great for drinking, but plants prefer rainwater. It’s not too cold, and naturally soft compared to Guelph’s hard groundwater.

Collecting and using rainwater saves you money and helps prevent floods and protect our rivers by reducing stormwater runoff.

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For more Information

Stormwater Services
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