How does Guelph enforce provincial emergency orders?

Joint statement from Guelph Police Service, City of Guelph and Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health

Updated Guelph, Ont., April 18, 2021

The provincial government has extended the Stay-at-Home Order, and provided Provincial Offences Officers new tools to enforce Emergency Orders.

As rules and regulations change, people may be unaware or confused about what is or isn’t permitted. Guelph Police and Bylaw officers understand their role in communicating, educating and enforcing provincial orders when required.

Guelph Police and Bylaw Officers understand the intent of the Emergency Orders is to discourage unnecessary travel and gatherings among people who don’t live together. Any new enforcement tools will be used with discretion. Guelph Police and Bylaw officers will not randomly stop vehicles or individuals.

Guelph Police and Bylaw Officers have and will issue charges and fine people or businesses that blatantly, repeatedly or deliberately violate provincial regulations and public health guidelines.

Most people are following COVID-19 guidelines

Most people and businesses in Guelph are following the guidelines and doing their part to protect themselves, their families and our community.

Despite several recent changes to regulations and guidelines, most people understand the underlying idea is to stay home if possible, avoid unnecessary travel and avoid contact with people they don’t live with.

Emergency orders updated April 2021

Existing orders provide Bylaw officers and Guelph Police the authority to disperse crowds, but they will not randomly stop people while they’re out driving, walking, running, cycling etc. People can get out for work, groceries, healthcare and exercise as needed. There is no requirement for everyone to be home at a certain time of day.

Guelph Police and Bylaw officers have the authority to:

  • Disperse or issue charges or fines for indoor or outdoor gatherings involving people who don’t live together
  • Issue charges or fines to people who refuse to wear a mask or face covering as required indoors and on public transit
  • NEW – require an individual to provide information for the purpose of determining compliance where there is reason to suspect the individual is participating in a prohibited gathering

Set fines

A summary of COVID-19 related charges and fines is posted every Tuesday at

  • Failure to comply with the Reopening Ontario Act could result in a $750 fine
  • Obstructing anyone from performing an activity or duty under the Reopening Ontario Act could result in a $1000 fine

Report a concern

To report a concern about gatherings or business not following COVID-19 guidelines

Provincial regulations

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