City hires third-party consultant for service rationalization review

Guelph, Ont., March 26, 2021 – The City of Guelph has retained consulting firm KPMG Canada to conduct its 2021 service rationalization review following a successful Negotiated Request for Proposal (NFRP) that resulted in nine submissions.

As the successful proponent, KPMG, which has supported similar reviews for numerous Ontario municipalities, will conduct a comprehensive service rationalization review to determine if the City is delivering its services to Guelph residents in the most efficient and effective manner. The review will assess current program and service offerings to determine how to optimize and modernize service delivery through a series of service improvement initiatives.

“This service rationalization review will provide valuable insights to ensure we are delivering innovative, cost-effective services to our residents, and will enable Council and City staff to make informed strategic decisions in support of our shared vision for a future ready Guelph,” says executive sponsor and deputy CAO of corporate services, Trevor Lee. “We are pleased to work alongside KPMG as they conduct an in-depth analysis into our program and service delivery models in a transparent and inclusive process that will incorporate considerations related to equity, emerging trends, and municipal best practices.”

Guelph City Council approved the service rationalization review as part of its deliberations and approval of the 2021 municipal budget. KPMG will present its findings and recommendations for Council’s consideration in July 2021.

City receives Audit and Accountability Fund (AAF) allocation of $650,000

In December 2020, at Council’s direction, City staff submitted an application to the Province of Ontario’s Audit and Accountability Fund (AAF) to support the service rationalization review. The fund aims to support initiatives focused on increasing digital services, modernization, streamlining and service integration.

In late February 2021, the City was informed that it has been allocated funding of up to $650,000 for this project.

“We are grateful that the Province of Ontario has provided a significant allotment of funding to support this important work,” says Lee. “As one of Ontario’s fastest-growing cities, the availability of these funds will enable us to evaluate our service levels and delivery models against municipal benchmarks and our Strategic Plan, and ensure we are well-positioned to meet our community’s complex and evolving needs for many years to come.”

AAF funding recipients are required to publicly post the independent third-party report that outlines the analysis, findings and actionable recommendations by October 15, 2021.


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