Guelph party ends with more than $10,000 in fines

Four men charged under Guelph Nuisance Party Bylaw and Reopening Ontario Act

Guelph, Ont., February 4, 2021 – Just after 12 a.m. today, Guelph’s Bylaw team responded to a noise complaint which resulted in several charges under the City’s Nuisance Party Bylaw, and the Reopening Ontario Act.

The party involved at least 10 people gathering indoors, four of whom lived at the property. The four residents were each charged with violating Guelph’s Nuisance Party Bylaw and failure to comply with COVID-19 restrictions under the Reopening Ontario Act. The total fine for each man amounts to $2,625:

  • Nuisance party $500 (plus $115 administration fee)
  • Failure to comply with Reopening Ontario Act $750 (plus $130 administration fee)
  • Obstructing an officer from doing their duty under the Reopening Ontario Act $1000 (plus $130 administration fee)

Ontario’s current public health and workplace restrictions are expected to be in effect until at least Tuesday, February 9, 2021.

The City posts a weekly summary of COVID-19 complaints and charges on each Tuesday.

Most people are following guidelines – thank you

Thankfully, most people in Guelph are following the guidelines and doing their part to protect themselves, their families and our community. While provincial rules and regulations may change, most people understand the underlying idea is to reduce contact with people they don’t live with.

Report a COVID-19 concern

Learn more about Ontario’s public health and workplace safety measures

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