Ontario Public Works Association recognizes City of Guelph with three awards

City honoured with Project of the Year awards

Guelph, Ont., January 21, 2021– The City of Guelph was recognized with three Ontario Public Works Association (OPWA) Project of the Year awards at a virtual awards ceremony earlier today. The awards promote excellence in the management and administration of public works projects in five categories by recognizing the collaboration between the managing agency/municipality, the consultant/architect/engineer, and the contractor who work together to complete public works projects.

The City was honoured with awards for:

  1. The Arthur Street sewer and road construction project in the Structures, $10-$50 million category
  2. The snow management facility in the Environment, $2-10 million category
  3. The Goldie Mills clean up and restoration project in the Historical Restoration/Preservation, $2-$10 million category

“I want to congratulate all the staff, consultants and contractors who were involved in delivering Guelph’s winning projects,” says Terry Gayman, general manager of Engineering and Transportation Services. “The City is honoured to receive these awards from the OPWA as recognition of our dedication to working together to deliver responsible and responsive public service.”

About the winning projects

Arthur Street sewer and road construction

The project created a new route for the Arthur Street sewer downstream of Macdonell Street to Elizabeth Street, Arthur Street, Cross Street, Neeve Street, Howitt Street and reconstructed Wyndham Street South from York Road to the bridge over the Speed River. Work included installing sewers, water mains, sidewalks, bike lanes and on-street parking. The project also included public engagement over a six-year period. The project was supported by Dillon Consulting, Drexler Construction Limited, Amico Infrastructure (Oxford) Inc, Sousa Concrete and Networ Sewer and Watermain.

Snow management facility

The project involved building a 18,600 square metre snow storage pad—about 12 times the size of a hockey rink—to provide an environmentally-friendly solution for snow collected in Guelph. Approximately 3,500 cubic metres of recycled concrete and asphalt paving was used to build the facility, which includes a drainage system and lining to reduce erosion and protect the natural environment. The site also includes a stormwater management pond, native plant species known to attract bee and butterfly pollinators, salt-resistant native trees and shrubs, a year-round weather station and a solar panel system to help reduce the site’s carbon footprint. The project was supported by GHD Limited and Melfer Construction Inc.

Group of individuals standing with mayor Cam Guthrie cutting ribbon

Mayor, members of City Council and City of Guelph staff cutting a blue ribbon at new snow storage pad

Goldie Mills clean up and restoration

The project involved work in 2019 and 2020 to fix crumbling ruins and sinkholes and address soil conditions. Work included repairs to the ruins, chimney and sinkholes and excavating, disposing, replacing and capping the soil at some locations in the park to eliminate potential health risks related to historic industrial use. The project was supported by GHD Limited, Tacoma Engineers, CRM Lab Archeological Services and Limen Group.

Media contact

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Engineering and Transportation Services
City of Guelph
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