Help us shift into a new gear for how we move around Guelph

Share feedback on the next phase of Guelph’s Transportation Master Plan by February 9

Guelph, Ont., January 14, 2021 – We’re asking for your feedback on the next phase of Guelph’s Transportation Master Plan. Whether you walk, ride a bike, take a bus, drive a car or use some other form of travel we want to hear from you by February 9.

Learn more by visiting our updated interactive virtual open house (StoryMap) and completing the new survey to help Guelph move better in every way.

Based on community feedback about the four transportation options presented in November and evaluating transportation data and technical considerations, option 4 has evolved to further prioritize future car capacity by widening congested streets and adding new infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians. Alternative 4, previously know as “Large-scale infrastructure expansion” is now known as “Car efficiency focus”.

Check out the evaluation criteria to help guide how we plan Guelph’s future transportation networks policies and programs. We’re using the following criteria to evaluate transportation options:

  • Natural and social environment including impacts to natural and social heritage features, transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions, street design, balancing the needs of all travelers and supporting Guelph’s long-term planning objectives.
  • Transportation environment including user safety, system resiliency (building an adaptable transportation system), access for different modes such as cars, bikes, mobility devices and pedestrians, improving the transit network and decreasing car and truck congestion.
  • Cost including construction, operational and maintenance costs.

Our preliminary evaluation of the alternative solutions shows that Alternative 2: Focus on sustainability and Alternative 3: Build for sustainability and resiliency were both comparable as draft preferred solutions in achieving the goals and values of the Transportation Master Plan. These approaches encourage walking, cycling and travel by bus by creating walkable streets, developing a core network of cycling links and reducing bus travel times in critical transit corridors, while improving capacity for cars. Let us know which alternative you support as the preferred solution.

Next steps

We’ll use community feedback and further technical analysis to refine the recommended transportation approach for Council consideration later this year.

Improving transportation in Guelph supports the Navigating our future priority in the City’s Strategic Plan by improving the safety, efficiency and connectivity of the whole transportation system. This work also supports the Community Plan by making it easy to get around our neighbourhoods, our city and our region.

For more information

Jennifer Juste, Manager, Transportation Planning
Engineering and Transportation Services
City of Guelph
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