Have your say on how you interact with Council at City Council meetings

Take the survey online at haveyoursay.guelph.ca by January 22

Take the Procedural Bylaw review survey

Have you ever delegated or wanted to delegate at a Guelph City Council meeting? Have you ever presented at a City Council meeting? Have you ever wanted to participate in Council meetings but couldn’t? We want to hear from you!

We’re reviewing our Procedural Bylaw and we’re asking for your comments through January 22. The bylaw is a set structure that guides processes for City Council and committee meetings to carry out the business of the city. Some of the things the bylaw outlines includes: how Council members cast their votes, how late Council meetings can run, conduct for Council, how residents delegate and interact with Council and how public meetings are communicated to residents.

We want to know how you feel about:

  • Participation in Council meetings such as delegation, presentations, written submissions and petitions, and electronic participation in meetings.
  • Council being able to vote by proxy if they are absent from a meeting.
  • Any other parts of the bylaw you think can be improved.

The survey will also address proxy voting, a change to provincial legislation by the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing that provides municipalities with flexibility to decide on whether another member of Council can vote on behalf of an absent councillor. The change was made in July 2020.

This is not a review of the structure of Council; that is being addressed as a part of the Council composition and ward boundary review.


Read the current Procedural Bylaw
Proxy voting for municipal councillors

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