City of Guelph begins service rationalization review

Guelph, Ont., January 22, 2021 – The City of Guelph is undertaking a review of its services as part of a comprehensive service rationalization review.

Guelph City Council approved the service rationalization review as part of its deliberations and approval of the 2021 municipal budget.

The third party review is intended to identify modernization and transformation opportunities in support of delivering more effective and efficient services to Guelph citizens and businesses. It is also expected to identify options available to Council with respect to streamlining or finding efficiencies within the services the City currently delivers.

“This work will examine the City of Guelph’s services to assess current program and service models, and explore their alignment to the Strategic Plan, legislative requirements, and municipal benchmarking,” says executive sponsor and deputy CAO of corporate services, Trevor Lee. “The recommendations are intended to help the City become more efficient and effective in its delivery of services to citizens, and will also shine light on opportunities for customer service improvement and overall modernization.”

The City issued a request for proposals from qualified consultants earlier today. Council approved a budget of $300,000 from the Tax Operating Contingency Reserve for the project, and City administration submitted an application to the government of Ontario’s Audit and Accountability Fund in December 2020 to supplement that amount. City staff expect to receive a funding decision within the next four weeks.

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Corporate Services
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