Reminder: Some City rates and fees change January 1

December 21, 2020

On December 1, City Council approved the 2021 budget, which also included programs and services that require a rate, fee or charge.

As of January 1, 2021, some services and programs such as water, stormwater, hourly parking and others will see an increase. View the 2021 rates, fees and charges guide for a full list of what’s increasing or staying the same next year.

Water, wastewater and stormwater rates

Charges 2020 2021 Change
water volume – $/cubic metre (m3) $1.77 $1.82 $0.05
water basic – $/day $0.26 $0.26 $0.00
wastewater volume – $/cubic metre (m3) $1.92 $1.94 $0.02
wastewater basic – $/day $0.32 $0.32 $0.00
Stormwater – $/month $5.80 $6.40 $0.60

Parking fees

Starting January 1, hourly downtown parking rates will increase to $2.50/hour and monthly parking permit fees for parkades or parking lots will increase by two per cent.

Building permit fees

Building permit fees will increase by two per cent.

New fees at the public waste drop off

The City will begin charging a minimum fee of $10 for dropping off mixed waste (unsorted garbage) and a minimum fee of $10 for dropping off yard waste (biweekly curbside yard waste collection will begin in the spring of 2021). The City will also begin charging $140 for dropping off mixed construction waste. Charges may increase based on weight (over a metric tonne).

Visit for a list of all public drop off fees.


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