Water Supply Master Plan project update

October 28, 2020

The City’s Water Supply Master Plan is well underway. Here is an update on the Master Plan progress and phase one engagement results, including the February 13 open house and survey.

What we’ve heard so far

On February 13, we invited Guelph residents to the first open house to discuss and gather feedback on the Water Supply Master Plan update, including estimates of our future water supply requirements based on Guelph’s population growth, challenges Guelph is facing and proposed water supply alternative solutions and evaluation criteria. Guelph residents also had the opportunity to take an online survey.

Here are some of the common themes the Guelph community identified as important to them through the open house discussion and survey:

  • Prioritizing water conservation.
  • Protecting the natural environment.
  • Controlling groundwater impacts from large water users.
  • Limiting impacts to Guelph’s local wildlife.

Changes to the Master Plan process

In August 2020, the province released an amendment to A Place to Grow: Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, which extends the planning horizon for population and employment growth from the year 2041 to 2051. This has implications for the analysis of Guelph’s future water supply requirements and will be considered in the identification and evaluation of water supply alternatives for the Water Supply Master Plan update.

What’s next?

We’re now working on phase two of the update process, which includes identifying alternative solutions to Guelph’s future water supply requirements to 2051 and evaluating each alternative. We will be reaching back out to the community in early 2021 with more information and additional engagement opportunities, including the second community open house.

Visit the haveyoursay.guelph.ca for updates and future opportunities to have your say.

For more information

Dave Belanger, Water Supply Program Manager
, Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise
5198221260 extension 2186
[email protected]