Have your say on how the City manages all things water in Guelph

Join the conversation to help guide Guelph’s four water-related master plans

October 28, 2020 – Guelph is a growing community and how the City manages water, in all its forms, is changing to adapt to our growing community. The City is updating four water-related master plans and invites Guelph residents to have their say through virtual community open houses, asking their questions, taking surveys and more starting today until November 30.

The water-related master plans cover:

  • Wastewater treatment and biosolids management: how the City manages wastewater (what you flush down your sinks, drains and toilets) so it’s sustainable, protects our waterways and the environment.
  • Stormwater management: how the City manages stormwater runoff (rain and melted snow) from your roofs and driveways, and from roads and sidewalks, to help prevent flooding and protect people and the environment.
  • Water and wastewater servicing: how the City builds and takes care of all the pipes that deliver your drinking water and take away what you flush.
  • Water supply: where we get our drinking water. The Water Supply Master Plan received community feedback at an open house and survey which took place in February of 2020. Survey results and a master planning progress update is now available on the project page. A second virtual open house will be held in 2021.

Get involved

Have your say and help shape long-term plans for your community by:

  • Visiting the virtual open houses: attend each master plan’s virtual open house to learn what each master plan aims to do, what challenges the City is facing and how it impacts you and the rest of our community.
  • Taking online surveys, asking questions and more: you can answer survey questions, ask your own questions and share your ideas about the master plans by November 30.
  • Staying up to date on the City’s master planning work: master planning updates are shared through our project pages at haveyoursay.guelph.ca and guelph.ca/plans-and-strategies. You can also get updates and hear about future opportunities to get involved by joining the mailing list for the master plans that interest you.
  • Following the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.

The process

The Master Plans will be carried out according to the Municipal Engineers Association Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (2015, as amended), which is an approved Class of Environmental Assessment under the Environmental Assessment Act. Results from this Master Plan will be documented in an environmental assessment that will be made available for public review. At that time, residents, businesses, Indigenous communities and other interested persons or groups will be informed of when and where the environmental assessment can be reviewed.

About the City’s different master plans

The City’s master plans assess the infrastructure we have to support today’s services and decide what we’ll need as our community grows. Our master plans build on the goals and policies from the Official Plan to integrate existing and future land use plans, and define long-term objectives. Looking at the city as a whole helps to evaluate options, consider a variety of perspectives, understand different outcomes, and make better decisions for a future ready Guelph.

For more information

Wastewater Treatment and Biosolids Management Master Plan

Mari MacNeil, Manager of Technical Services
Wastewater Services, Environmental Services
519-822-1260 extension 2284
[email protected]

Stormwater Management Master Plan and the Water and Wastewater Servicing Master Plan

Reg Russwurm, Manager Design and Construction
Engineering and Transportation Services
519-822-1260 extension 2765
[email protected]

Water Supply Master Plan

Dave Belanger, Water Supply Program Manager
Water Services, Environmental Services
5198221260 extension 2186
[email protected]