City doing a dye test in Guelph’s stormwater drains starting November 2

Guelph residents might see green in sewers and local rivers

Guelph, Ont., — Following recent smoke testing, the City is performing a dye tracer test in stormwater drains in the downtown area to identify where rainwater is entering Guelph’s sewer system through cracks and holes.

Dye testing will start November 2 and is expected to take three weeks to complete. Testing will take place between the hours of 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday and will be performed by Infrastructure Intelligence Service Inc.

What to expect

The environmentally friendly dye tests will be done in areas where smoke was found exiting home eaves troughs, maintenance holes and catch basins during smoke testing and will help the City understand where repairs are needed. The City’s contractor may need to go on private and residential property to perform the tests, and impacted residents and businesses in the dye testing areas will be notified by letter in advance.

Dye tracers are a common way to test outlet of stormwater drains. The dye dilutes quickly as it moves downstream, doesn’t reduce dissolved oxygen levels in rivers and is safe for people, pets, aquatic life and other wildlife.

Road closures and pedestrian sidewalks

During the duration of the dye tracer testing, there may be temporary, partial closures of arterial and collector roads and pedestrian sidewalks in the test area.

For more information

Jim Hall, Development and Infrastructure Engineer
Engineering and Transportation Services
5198221260 extension 3415
[email protected]

Niall Quinlan, Manager, Inflow and Infiltration Services
Infrastructure Intelligence Service Inc.
[email protected]