Report shows the City is making headway on renewable energy goal

Guelph, Ont., September 17, 2020– The City released its first 2019 environmental sustainability report outlining City achievements in sustainability around water, wastewater, forestry and waste management. The report includes an update on the City’s progress toward its goal of getting 100 per cent of its energy needs through renewable sources by 2050.

“We’re all responsible for building a more sustainable future—it’s a priority the community identified in the Community Plan, and it’s a priority in the City’s strategic plan, Guelph. Future ready,” says Bryan Ho-Yan, manager of Corporate Energy and Climate Change. “We show our commitment to sustainability in many ways across the City and it’s truly been a City-wide effort. Together, we’ve increased our renewable energy sources by 3.7 per cent since 2018 and are now a quarter of the way to our goal of 100 per cent.”

The 2019 environmental sustainability report highlights City and community accomplishments including:

  • Reducing City facility and fleet energy consumption by 2.2 million kilowatt hours—enough to power 250 homes a year.
  • Reusing digester gas from the wastewater treatment process to help power the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Upgrading Victoria Road Recreation Centre and Exhibition Arena with zero-emissions electric ice resurfacers.
  • Upgrading 13,000 City streetlights to LED lights.
  • Diverting 60 per cent of Guelph’s waste from landfills.
  • Saving 658.5 million litres of water—enough to fill over 263 Olympic-sized swimming pools—through efficiency programs.
  • Reusing 100 per cent of biosolids collected through wastewater treatment as fertilizer.
  • Reaching 23 per cent of the City’s 40 per cent tree canopy coverage target.

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