Tree removals at Goldie Mill start September 1

Guelph, Ont., August 31, 2020 – We’re removing nine trees from the Goldie Mill site starting September 1, weather permitting. This work is part of a larger soil remediation strategy at Goldie Mill Park and ruins.

Park and trail users should stay out of marked work areas and informal pathways as forestry crews complete the removals. All tree removals should be complete by the end of the day.

Taking care of our trees

We’ve made every effort to preserve healthy trees through the site remediation work. The trees we’re removing have been assessed and are located in contaminated soil where remediation work will negatively impact the health and stability of the trees, or they’re diseased or in decline. Additionally, tree removal will also ensure soil remediation work can be completed in those areas.

The City will plan to replant replacement trees in the future.

About Goldie Mill soil remediation

Remediation work is part of the City’s plan to address soil conditions and sinkholes in the park, which is owned by the Grand River Conservation Authority and managed by the City.

As part of the remediation work, the City will cap the soil at certain locations within the park to address shallow soil impacts and eliminate potential health risks. In some cases, an asphalt covering will be used (e.g. trail area). In other areas, a geomembrane—a synthetic membrane liner that prevents material from getting through—will be laid down with clean soil and mulch added on top.

This work will eliminate both the safety risk from the existing sinkholes and any health risk posed by the current soil conditions. Once the work is done the park will reopen for public use later this year.

For more information

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