City doing two more dye tests to look at river flow patterns

This notice has been updated: October 20, 2020 – The City will be performing the third round of dye tests on October 22.  

Speed River may show pink tint south of wastewater treatment plant

Guelph, Ont., Aug 21, 2020—The City continues studying river flow patterns using safe and environmentally friendly dye tracer tests in the Speed River. The tests are part of ongoing monitoring studies related to the City’s wastewater treatment operations.

The first dye tracer test took place on June 9-11 and the second round of dye took place between August 25-28, and two more will be put into the Speed River at the City’s wastewater treatment plant between September 14-25 and again on October 22, weather permitting. Following the test, people may see a pink tint in the Speed River for up to 24 hours after the test between the treatment plant and Wellington Road 32.

Dye tracers are a common way to test travel time and see how things spread in rivers and other waterways. The dye dilutes quickly as it moves downstream, doesn’t reduce dissolved oxygen levels in the river and is safe for people, pets, aquatic life and other wildlife.

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