Guelph sees decrease in injury-related collisions

Guelph’s 2015-2019 collision report helps identify and address road safety issues

Guelph, Ont., June 26, 2020 – Guelph’s 2015-2019 collision report shows an overall decline in injury-related collisions and the number of cyclists involved in collisions.

The report finds that injury-related collisions on Guelph’s roads decreased by nine per cent over the last five years, and the number of cyclists involved in a collision decreased by about 26 per cent.

Additional report findings show:

  • One collision happens about every 4 hours on Guelph’s 598-kilometre road network
  • Total collisions increased by about six per cent
  • About three per cent of collisions involved a cyclist or pedestrian
  • About one quarter of injury-related collisions happened at intersections
  • The intersection of Edinburgh Road South and Wellington Street West had the highest number of total collisions and injury-related collisions
  • Collisions at the intersection of Gordon and Surrey Streets had the highest rate of injury with more than half resulting in an injury
  • The highest total of midblock collisions happened on Victoria Road South between Florence Lane and York Road
  • The highest frequency of midblock injury-related collisions happened on Woodlawn Road East between the Speed River and Woolwich Street

The City and Guelph Police Services will use the 2015–2019 collision report to make evidence-informed decisions on how to allocate safety resources on Guelph’s roads, including education, enforcement and physical improvements.


“The Guelph Police Service relies on collision data to identify areas to focus our enforcement and education activities,” says Guelph Police Chief Gord Cobey. “The safety of our roadways is an important priority for our service and the members of our community.”

“The findings of the collision report will help the City develop the Community Road Safety Strategy and prioritize which locations in Guelph are in most need of road safety improvements,” explains Liraz Fridman, transportation safety specialist with the City of Guelph. “We’ll be working with Guelph Police to educate people driving, cycling and walking through high-collision areas to increase public awareness and safety.”


2015-2019 Collision Report

Community Road Safety Strategy

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