Dublin Street rail crossing closure and Kent and Northumberland street changes

The railway crossing at Dublin Street no longer meets Transport Canada regulations based on updates made to the Railway Safety Act. The City is working with Metrolinx, the owner of the rail line, to close the railway crossing at Dublin Street to make sure that people walking, cycling and driving through the area are safe.

Upgrading the crossing to meet new regulations would require the City to increase the distance of upper and lower Kent Street from the rail crossing, flatten the area of the crossing, and move the train signals. This would require the City to expropriate land and houses, and close large portions of upper and lower Kent Street, making this work unfeasible.

In addition to the closure, neighbouring streets will see the following changes:

  • Kent Street will be one-way westbound between Dublin Street and Glasgow Street on the north and south side of the railway tracks
  • Kent Street will be one-way westbound between Northumberland Street and Dublin Street north of the railway tracks
  • Northumberland Street will be one-way southbound south of the pedestrian bridge over Norfolk Street to Kent Street
  • The four stop signs at railway crossing will be removed and replaced with two stop signs on Dublin Street north and south of the closed railway crossing for drivers to stop before turning onto Kent Street

Staff considered previous community feedback and reviewed the original proposed traffic flow changes and removed one-way traffic from Northumberland Street between Dublin Street North and the Northumberland Street Park.

The closure and corresponding changes will happen on or about July 6, 2020.

The closure is required due to federal regulation so there is no opportunity to consult on the closure itself.

City staff held meetings with both the local schools—Central Public School and St. John Bosco Catholic High School—to discuss impacts of the closure and any opportunities to mitigate them. Notices were also delivered to properties bounded by Waterloo Avenue to south, Glasgow Street to the west, Norfolk Street to the east and Paisley Street to the north in March 2020.

A neighbourhood meeting was originally scheduled for Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at city hall to allow residents to ask questions of clarification about the closure and traffic changes.  Based on advice from Guelph’s Medical Officer of Health regarding COVID-19, the City cancelled the meeting. In the absence of an in-person meeting, an online forum is available for community members to ask questions or provide comments about the rail crossing closure and related traffic changes.

Post a question or comment about these changes by June 30, 2020 and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

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