City gets $8.35 million from Investing in Canada to make more transit and cycling accessibility improvements

Working to make it easier for everyone to get around Guelph

Key facts

  • The City is getting $8.35 million from the Investing in Canada infrastructure plan for two projects that include active transportation and accessibility improvements to help people get around Guelph
  • $4.95 million will support the construction of a new Guelph Central Station building that meets accessibility and energy efficiency standards, includes passenger waiting areas and public washrooms, as well as a lunch room, washrooms and other areas for transit employees
  • $3.39 million will support expanding a protected bike path network and intersection improvements for continuous and direct access to the City’s public transit system
  • The City of Guelph is contributing about $11 million towards these two projects

Media release

Guelph, Ont., June 23, 2020—Today, Guelph’s MP Lloyd Longfield and MPP Stephen Crawford, Parliamentary Assistant to the Ontario Minister of Infrastructure, announced that the City of Guelph is getting two grants totalling $8,347,499 from the Government of Canada and Province of Ontario through the Investing in Canada infrastructure plan.

Terminal upgrades and expansions at Guelph Central Station

The construction of a new building for transit customers making connecting trips at Guelph Central Station is supported by federal and provincial grants of $2,700,000 and $2,249,775 respectively. The building, which will be designed to have a zero carbon footprint, will feature an indoor 25-seat passenger waiting area, public washrooms, and dedicated space for transit operators and supervisors.

The City is contributing $3,000,225 to the project, which is expected to be done by late 2027.

Bike path and intersection improvements

Federal and provincial funding of $1,863,268 and $1,534,456 respectively, will support the City’s work to improve and expand Guelph’s cycling network to serve all ages and abilities, and provide active transportation connections to two major transit hubs—Guelph Central Station and the University of Guelph Bus Loop.

Proposed improvements being considered include protected bike lanes along:

  • College Avenue from Janefield Avenue to Victoria Road
  • Eramosa Road from Woolwich Street to Victoria Road
  • Gordon Street from Wellington Street to Clair Road

The project also includes intersection improvements for people on bikes.

The City is contributing $8,062,676 to the project, which is expected to take about seven years to fully implement.

This work supports the vision and objectives of the Cycling Master Plan.


“Investing in modern public transit systems that are better connected to active transportation networks is essential to building the healthy, sustainable communities of tomorrow. Adding new accessible paths to Guelph’s growing cycling network and building a modern, efficient transit terminal are great examples of working with our partners to build infrastructure that meets the needs of our communities while taking action on climate change.”
Lloyd Longfield, Member of Parliament for Guelph on behalf of the Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities

“Today, Ontario is investing an additional $3 million to support local transit infrastructure in Guelph, adding to the more than $33-million investment announced in January. With the approval of these projects and this joint investment of more than $18 million from Ontario, the federal government and the City of Guelph will help jump start the local recovery and create much needed jobs. I am very pleased that Guelph is now able to move forward with these local priority projects and to deliver improved transit to the community.”
Stephen Crawford, Member of Provincial Parliament for Oakville and Parliamentary Assistant to the Ontario Minister of Infrastructure, on behalf of the Honourable Laurie Scott, Ontario’s Minister of Infrastructure

“As Guelph continues to grow, it’s critical that we invest in accessible, sustainable infrastructure projects that support our community’s vision for a connected city where people can move around freely. The funding announced today represents an important step forward as we work to make this vision a reality. On behalf of Council and the City of Guelph, I want to thank the Government of Canada and Province of Ontario for their contributions to these important projects, and for their continued partnership in helping Guelph achieve its climate goal to be a net-zero carbon community by 2050.”
Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie

“Thanks to this funding, Guelph Transit will be able to enhance our customer’s experience by providing indoor seating and public washrooms—a critical amenity for the central hub of Guelph’s public transit system. The new terminal will also give our transit drivers a much-needed breakroom with washrooms, and provide dedicated work space for route supervisors.”
Robin Gerus, General Manager, Guelph Transit

“This funding will help the City to start work that the Guelph community has been advocating for: an active transportation network that supports people of all ages and abilities. We expect to be able to expand Guelph’s protected bike lanes by 13 kilometres thanks to these grants, creating a well-connected, accessible community.”
Jennifer Juste, Manager, Transportation Planning

Supporting Guelph’s priorities

These projects support the City’s Strategic Plan direction for sustaining our future, and themes from the Community Plan to protect our environment and move around freely.

Media contacts

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Jennifer Juste, Manager, Transportation Planning
Engineering and Transportation Services
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