City finds police headquarters general contractor in default of contract

Guelph, Ont., June 30, 2020—On June 26, the City of Guelph notified the general contractor of the Guelph Police Services headquarters renovation project, that it is ending the general contractor’s involvement with the project.

The City’s contract administrator for the renovation project formally advised the City about deficiency concerns in writing on June 9. As a result, the City has had to make difficult decisions in the interest of moving the project forward.

Ending the general contractor’s work on the project is not a termination of the contract. The City is working with the project’s bonding agent to bring in new project management to complete the remaining work and correct outstanding deficiencies.

Project management

The City has rigorous project and risk management processes in place to ensure large-scale construction projects are well-managed. It is through these processes that the City identified the deficiency issues it is addressing now.

The City has a well-documented history of the Guelph Police Headquarters renovation project including monthly project tracking reports. Greater governance, oversight, communications and reporting of Guelph’s large-scale construction projects are a reflection of the City’s commitment to be accountable and transparent.

Media contact

Ken VanderWal, Acting Project Manager
Facilities and Energy Management
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 2319
[email protected]