Staff-recommended open space strategy for Clair-Maltby to be discussed at Council in March

Recommended strategy informed by extensive community engagement

Guelph, Ont., February 20, 2020 – City staff is bringing its recommendation for the Clair-Maltby open space system strategy to Council’s Committee of the Whole on March 2. The strategy recommends 38 hectares of open space, an area equal to almost 47 football fields.

The recommendation includes:

  • one 10-hectare community park
  • eight one-hectare neighbourhood parks
  • a 20-hectare linear greenspace with trails (the Moraine Ribbon)

The creation of additional recreation and greenspace will also be explored as the City plans stormwater management facilities for Clair-Maltby.

“This open space allocation meets our parkland target for Clair-Maltby of between 32-52 hectares,” says Stacey Laughlin, senior policy planner for the City.

Recommended community park location holds

City staff presented a preferred community structure for Clair-Maltby to Council in May 2019. Council approved the structure, except for the community park, and directed staff to further explore the recommended location for the park.

Last fall the City ran two additional rounds of community engagement. The first round of engagement helped determine the criteria staff should use in selecting a community park location, and the second was to collect feedback on six short-listed community park location options.

“Based on community input and additional technical and environmental analysis, our recommended location for the community park has not changed,” notes Laughlin. “We got pretty balanced feedback from our community on the pros and cons of each park location; the location we’re recommending is still preferred based on its central location, connection to the natural heritage system and accessibility—criteria our community told us were important.”

Community planning and affordable housing

The recommended open space system strategy complements and supports the residential neighbourhoods planned for Clair-Maltby. The strategy ensures that parks and trails are within walking distance of residential communities. A full range and mix of housing types are included in planning for the Clair-Maltby area including housing that is affordable for people with a range of incomes.

The City’s Affordable Housing Strategy set a Guelph-wide affordable housing target of 30 per cent, and created a financial incentives program to encourage developers to create permanent, affordable housing whether owned or rented.

“Affordable housing needs to be available throughout our entire community,” says Melissa Aldunate, manager of Policy Planning and Urban Design. “We evaluate every development application in Guelph to assess whether it can accommodate a range of housing forms and affordability while also ensuring that affordable housing is close to all needed amenities from parks and community spaces to employment and grocery stores.”

Council will discuss staff’s recommendation for the open space system strategy on March 2 and make a decision at the Council meeting on March 30.


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