Solid Waste Management Master Plan public engagement update

Waste and the climate crisis with Dr. Dianne Saxe

The City is updating the 2014 Solid Waste Management Master Plan, which will shape how Guelph manages its waste over the next 25 years. To kick off the master plan process, the City hosted a launch event on December 9, 2019 with a talk by Dr. Dianne Saxe, the former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario. Dr. Saxe spoke about the climate crisis within our local context, the role of waste and what the City and its residents can do to affect positive change.

How we engaged

The event provided the first opportunities for public input that will help shape the vision for the master plan. Approximately 75 people attended the event. We asked attendees for input on the following:

  • When thinking about the future of waste management, what is most important to you?
  • Think about Guelph’s current waste management program. What is one thing you would change or add?
  • How do you reduce or avoid making waste, and how do you reuse items that would otherwise be thrown out?

Feedback gathered at the event identified environmental sustainability a key priority.

The launch was a zero-waste engagement event, utilizing re-usable materials and digital engagement tools. We will continue to strive for a zero-waste engagement program as we gather feedback for the master plan over the next year.

Couldn’t make the launch event?

View the video of Dr. Dianne Saxe’s talk

You can still have your say. To stay up to date on the SWMMP progress and to learn about future engagement opportunities: