City’s Chief Planner retiring in May

Todd Salter dedicated his career to serving the public interest

Guelph, Ont., February 5, 2020—After a distinguished career in planning that spans more than 30 years, Todd Salter, general manager of Planning and Building Services and Chief Planner for the City of Guelph, is retiring in May.

“Announcing Todd’s retirement comes with mixed emotions,” says Kealy Dedman, Deputy CAO for Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise Services. “Todd has provided such excellent leadership—not only with respect to the well-planned growth of our city, but as a source of steady, reliable counsel to me and many of his other colleagues, both inside and outside of our organization.”

Salter, a graduate of the University of Guelph, has led the City’s Planning and Building Services division for eight years. Salter joined the City as manager of Policy Planning and Urban Design in 2011 before becoming the City’s general manager of Planning and Building Services in 2012. Prior to that Salter worked for the Town of Caledon for 22 years in a series of increasingly responsible positions.

Leading planning excellence in Guelph

During Salter’s time leading the City’s planning and building teams, the City won awards for its Natural Heritage Strategy and its secondary plans for the downtown and the Guelph Innovation District. Salter also oversaw the creation of Guelph’s first heritage conservation district, an update to the Official Plan, and the creation of the Urban Design Manual, Natural Heritage Action Plan, and Affordable Housing Strategy and its supporting Financial Incentives Plan.

“It’s been rewarding for me, professionally and personally, to have contributed to all the great City-building that’s been accomplished over the past nine years,” said Salter. “I’ve been proud of Guelph’s continued leadership in developing leading-edge, sustainable community planning, including a progressive natural heritage strategy and a much-needed affordable housing strategy.”

Salter also helped lead the City’s Building Partnerships work to continually improve how the City delivers planning and building services to the Guelph community and stakeholders by improving and streamlining processes and using technology to enhance service delivery and improve the customer experience.

The search for a new GM

With Salter’s retirement announced, the City will immediately begin recruiting a general manager of Planning and Building Services so that this important body of work can transition before Salter leaves in May.

Todd Salter, Chief Planner for the City of Guelph, retires in May 2020

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