Join the new Natural Heritage Advisory Committee

If you’re interested in protecting natural heritage features and maintaining, restoring, and improving the biodiversity, connectivity and ecological functions of Guelph’s Natural Heritage System, then the Natural Heritage Advisory Committee (NHAC) is for you. This new committee will provide City Council with input and perspectives on strategic, high-level natural heritage conservation matters relating to City-led initiatives.  Specifically, NHAC will provide feedback on:

  • City plans, strategies and studies with a natural heritage focus such as the Natural Heritage Action Plan, the Urban Forest Management Plan and subwatershed studies; and
  • reviews and updates to the Official Plan natural heritage and watershed planning and water resource policies.

The nine member committee will meet two to six times per year, in the evening. 

We are seeking members with experience and interest in natural heritage conservation and/or civic and community matters through employment, volunteer or personal experience. We will make an effort to balance membership with residents who are practicing professionals in the natural heritage industry and those who are not.  Similarly, efforts will be made to select members from different geographic areas of the city.

Apply online or in person at the ServiceGuelph counter in City Hall.  Applications must be submitted to the City’s Clerks Office by February 20, 2020.

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Questions about the application process

City Clerks’s Office

Questions about the Natural Heritage Advisory Committee

Jason Elliott, Environmental Planner
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