City testing sewage holding tank for leaks

Speed River may show red tint from dye tracer test starting January 20

Guelph, Ont., January 17, 2020 – The City is doing a safe, and environmentally friendly, dye tracer test in a sewage holding tank on Water Street, starting January 20.

Dye will be poured into the sewage holding tank to determine if there are any leaks. During the dye tracer test, which runs for about 10-16 weeks, residents may see a red tint in the Speed River near the east Wellington Street off-ramp from the Hanlon Parkway.

Dye tracers are a common way to test the travel time and flow of water or sewage. The dye does not reduce the dissolved oxygen level in the river so it`s safe for aquatic life, and it dilutes quickly as it moves downstream.

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