City of Guelph Time, Attendance and Scheduling (TAS) Review identifies efficiencies

Guelph, Ont., December 17, 2019—Today the City of Guelph posted the findings of a review conducted of the organization’s time, attendance and scheduling (TAS) system. This report found efficiency opportunities across departments that will streamline the estimated 54,000 hours the organization spends each year on TAS activities.

The City of Guelph has reviewed the opportunities identified in the report and developed an implementation plan. The City will begin to implement recommendations in January. At this time, all attendance management system work plans will continue without interruption.

“Part of being innovative is continually reviewing systems to ensure that services are delivered in a cost-effective way, while not compromising quality,” says Trevor Lee, deputy Chief Administrative Officer, Corporate Services. “We know that citizens expect us to look for new approaches to old problems. That’s what we’ve done through this study and we’re confident we will successfully improve our processes to make things more efficient for employees and—just as importantly—free up capacity to deliver on our community’s priorities.”

The City retained Blackline Consulting to undertake the TAS review, with the assistance of a grant from the Provincial Audit and Accountability Fund. This TAS review is part of a broader City initiative to simplify and streamline processes to drive efficiencies and reduce the risk of not meeting customer expectations and compliance requirements.

“Our mission is to deliver responsible and responsive public service to Guelph’s growing and diverse community,” says Lee. “Modernizing operations across departments will help us run a more effective, fiscally responsible and trusted local government with engaged and skilled employees.”

Read the full report: City of Guelph review of time, attendance and scheduling

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