Updated fees at the public waste drop-off start January 1

Starting January 1, 2020, most public waste drop-off fees are changing. Fee changes are driven by the increasing costs of waste disposal and recycling services.

Fee changes for the public waste drop-off (110 Dunlop Drive)

Item or service 2020 fee Increase from 2019
Mixed waste $86 per metric tonne with a minimum $10 fee $6
Concrete, brick, rubble and toilets $71 per metric tonne $6
Asphalt roof shingles $86 per metric tonne $6
Asphalt shingles with mixed waste $140 per metric tonne New fee
Clean wood $81 per metric tonne $6
Clean fill $86 per metric tonne $6
Drywall $83 per metric tonne $6
Item or service 2020 fee Increase from 2019
Bulky item curbside pickup $35+HST for the first item and $27+HST for each additional item $0
Extra-large blue or grey cart purchase $84 $2
Large blue or grey cart purchase $76 $3
Medium blue or grey cart purchase $60 $1

Replacement of damaged carts (green, blue or grey) is free if a warranty was issued.

Household Hazardous Waste drop-off limits

There’s no cost to drop off residential household hazardous waste, but daily limits apply on some items:

  • 10 fluorescent light tubes
  • 80 litres or kg based on container size (maximum container size of 20 litres)
  • four (4) propane tanks (maximum container size of 9 kg/20 pounds)

Cost-saving tips

  • Don’t make a trip to the Public Drop-off with just one bag. Save money on gas and fees by waiting until you have a few bags or a full load before bringing your waste in.
  • Recyclables are always free to drop-off. Be sure to separate them from other waste.
  • If you regularly run out of room in your blue or grey carts, consider exchanging them for a larger one. The more waste you’re able to set out at the curb, the less you’ll have to pay to get rid of.


Learn more by visiting the guelph.ca/waste under the Waste Resource Innovation Centre tab.

For more information

Solid Waste Resources
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