Booking a ride on a mobility bus just got easier

Guelph, Ont., November 15, 2019 – We’re making it easier and more convenient for you to book a trip on our mobility buses. Now, in addition to calling us, you can schedule a pickup online with the new app.


Booking online is a flexible option as you can schedule your trip in advance or nearly on demand when it’s most convenient for you 24 hours/seven days a week. Once registered, you can also confirm your booking, make a cancellation, and track the bus for its estimated arrival time at your location.

On the app

Using the free Guelph Transit Mobility Bus app has the same benefits as booking online, but allows you the convenience of booking a trip through an app on your mobile phone. Download and install the app from App Store or Google Play.


As usual, we continue to welcome your call during our dispatch hours at 519-822-1811 extension 2801/TTY 519-836-9771.

About Guelph Transit Mobility Services

Guelph Transit Mobility Services is an accessible shared ride service that picks up passengers en route in Guelph. Visit to learn more, including how to register and schedule a ride on a mobility bus.

For more information

Guelph Transit Mobility Services
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