Wilson Street one-way direction is changing

Traffic on Wilson between Northumberland and Gordon/Norfolk will flow out of the downtown when the street reopens

Guelph, Ont., October 8, 2019— The flow of traffic on the one-way section of Wilson Street between Northumberland Street and Gordon/Norfolk Street will be reversed from heading into the downtown core (northbound) to out of the downtown core (southbound) when Wilson Street reopens later this month.

Wilson Street traffic will still flow in both directions between Northumberland and Macdonell Streets.

This change in traffic direction will make it easier for motorists to get into and out of Guelph’s downtown core at peak times when people will be exiting the Market (Wilson Street) Parkade, also opening later this month.

Bike lanes and pedestrian crossover

Bike lanes will be added to both sides of Wilson Street between Northumberland and Gordon/Norfolk Street. The on-road bike lane on the west side of the street will serve cyclists travelling out of the downtown core and is marked with a painted line. The separated and raised bike lane on the east side of the road will serve people biking into the downtown core. More bike boxes will be added at the intersection of Wilson Street and Gordon/Norfolk Street to further improve cyclist safety.

A pedestrian crossover will also be added on Wilson Street between the Market Parkade entrance and Market Square to ensure pedestrian safety.

Map of Area

Map of Wilson Street indicating the new flow of one-way traffic


Wilson Street reconstruction project information

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