Take a walking tour of Wilson Street’s new public art

Guelph, Ont., October 22, 2019 — Visitors to Wilson Street can take a self-guided tour of art from the Wilson Street Public Art Project and the Main Street Mural Project starting October 26. Pick up a pamphlet at the Market Parkade grand opening from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. or the racks inside City Hall’s galleria.

Start walking from the south side of Wilson Street at Gordon Street

Sudden Garden

Sudden Garden by Robert Cram and Eldon Garnet features four bronze deer which are imbedded with architectural shapes referencing the Basilica of our Lady, Guelph Farmers’ Market, the historic Priory residence and the old Carnegie Library.


Pellvetica have created a monarch mural called #RoyalCityWings – a tribute to pollinators and a nod to Guelph’s nickname, “The Royal City.” #RoyalCityWings is located beside the Farmers’ Market at the base of Wilson Street at Gordon Street.


Kenneth Lavallee was inspired by the traditional territories of the Attawandaron whose land was described as a ‘community of longhouses surrounded by fields of corn.’ Lavallee’s mural uses a simplified graphic style inspired by pictograms that show the earth, sun, water, cycles of time, seasons and days of the week. Cultivation is on the east underpass wall.

In Flight

Emmanuel Jarus mural features a variety of birds across a vivid blue sky celebrating Guelph’s diversity. Jarus hopes to encourage the fundamental human aspiration to move freely and dream greatly through this artwork. In Flight is on the west underpass wall.

As it’s Written

Cheka Creative Inc.’s mural features Guelph’s founder John Galt, and a young fawn, representing nature and the original peoples of this land, the Attawandaron, who called themselves, “The People of the Deer.” As it’s Written is on the wooden inlet on the side of City Hall.

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