Niska bridge and road reopens for travel, includes multi-use path

Project completed on time and on budget

Guelph, Ont., October 3, 2019—The City of Guelph has finished construction of the new bridge on Niska Road, and the road has reopened for travel.

The City started work on Niska Road, including the bridge replacement, in September 2018. Work included building and placing a new bridge, upgrading stormwater infrastructure, and the addition of four on-street parking spaces for people wanting to view or explore the natural landscape.

The cost for the replacement of the bridge and additional roadwork was about $6 million. The project was completed on time and on budget.

Traffic calming and safety features

The new bridge has two lanes to allow two-way passage for people driving, and a separated multi-use path for people walking and biking. The road was rebuilt with slight shifts approaching the bridge rather than straight on, a feature that helps reduce traffic speeds.

Additional traffic calming measures proposed in early construction design, such as dragon’s teeth (rows of triangles painted on the road) and speed humps, were not incorporated based on feedback received at an open house held in December 2017.

Niska Road is now a truck exclusion zone within City limits, and trucks are not permitted on the new bridge. The City is working to have this permanent change added to GIS navigation applications, and the exclusion zone will be enforced by police.

Natural and cultural heritage features

The City built wildlife passages and fencing to help direct animals to them.

Abutment stones from the Bailey Bridge were used as heritage design elements in the new bridge, and the City is working on plans to reuse more parts of the Bailey Bridge in other parts of the city.

For more information

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Technical Services, Engineering and Transportation Services
City of Guelph
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