City investigating termite activity near Eastview and Mountford

Guelph, Ont., October 22, 2019—The City is investigating termite activity in the area of Eastview Road and Mountford Drive after an infestation was discovered on two properties in the area last week.

Termites are wood destroying insects that live in large colonies and can cause serious structural damage to homes if they are not contained and controlled. Infestations can be managed by removing wooden items (like dead trees and stumps, garden planter boxes, dog houses, and play structures) from yards and, in some cases, treating affected houses chemically with the help of a licensed commercial pest control company.

To prevent the spread of termites, the City urges all residents to be cautious about donating or receiving any wood items that have been stored on the ground, such as firewood, landscaping ties, wood sheds, mulch, etc.

What to expect

Beginning this week, the City’s Termite Control Officer, Tim Myles, will conduct visual inspections of yards in the area of Eastview and Mountford to determine the extent of the infestation. Residents are asked to leave their gates unlocked. Notifications will be left in mailboxes to inform residents that their property has been inspected and confirm whether or not termites were found on the property.

Later this fall, the City will contact residents by phone to schedule indoor inspections of affected properties.

After the inspections are completed, the City will distribute a map indicating the boundaries of the new management area and provide additional information about management activities, which include:

  • Identifying and removing yard wood
  • Installing termite monitoring traps
  • Removing trapped termites
  • Installing borate rods in fence posts and retaining walls
  • Spraying borate on wood sheds
  • Applying soil termiticides (or chemical pesticides) to structural infestations

Map of area

Map of termite investigation area

About Guelph’s termite management program

Guelph’s termite management program helps to control the local termite population and prevent damage to wood structures. Since 2007, the program has proven effective in reducing termite populations.

Guelph’s termite control strategy involves inspections, monitoring properties with traps, reduction of termite habitat through yard wood management, area-wide colony level suppressive treatments, and limited use of conventional chemical treatments where necessary.

The City’s Termite Control Officer has the authority to enter properties to investigate for termites and prescribe measures to control and limit the spread of termites.


For more information

Nicholas Rosenberg, Acting Chief Building Official
Planning and Building Services
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 2285
[email protected]