Goldie Mill Park and ruins progress update

The City has been working towards remediation of Goldie Mill Park and ruins to ensure the area is safe for public use. Remediation work is part of the City’s plan to address soil condition and sinkholes in the park, which is owned by the Grand River Conservation Authority and managed by the City.

Here is an update on the remediation progress:

The City hired GHD Limited and Limen Group to complete site remediation and repairs to the ruins and chimney. The site is expected to reopen to the public in 2020 or 2021.

Work being completed includes:

  • Filling and capping of the soil where the existing soil needs to be replaced to eliminate potential health risks
  • Removing and replacing the limestone path between the Goldie Mill ruins and the Guelph Youth Music Centre with an asphalt path
  • Restoring and securing weathered and decayed limestone of the Goldie Mill ruins
  • Installing a new rail along the limestone retaining wall adjacent to the Speed River
  • Installing a new window archway and a missing wall cap to help protect it from weather impacts
  • Redoing the concrete floor slabs of the limestone building ruins
  • Rebuilding the top of the chimney and adding flashing to reduce deterioration
  • Replacing an existing patch of asphalt pad next to the ruins to support overall structural integrity


For more information

Prasoon Adhikari, Environmental Engineer
Engineering and Capital Infrastructure Services
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 2946
[email protected]