Active Transportation Update Report

About Guelph’s Cycling Master Plan

Guelph’s Cycling Master Plan was approved by City Council in 2013. The 10-year plan provides direction on how to make cycling more accessible and comfortable in Guelph by developing specific objectives in terms of:

  • Engineering (the cycling network, end-of-trip facilities)
  • Education (teaching the community about where, how and why to cycle)
  • Encouragement (providing incentives and motivation to choose cycling)
  • Enforcement of safe practices to share the road, and
  • Evaluation of our progress in achieving our goals and objectives of the Cycling Plan.

Seventy-five per cent of the actions recommended in the plan are either achieved or in progress.

About Guelph’s Active Transportation Network

City Council approved Guelph’s Active Transportation Network study in 2017. When the network is finished in 2027, it will connect the city from north to south, and east to west enabling people to travel by pedal or by foot using direct, wide routes that are maintained all year long. This proposed 54-kilometre City-wide network includes 46.2 km of off-road paths and trails connected by 7.8 km of routes along roadways, separated in-boulevard facilities along major roads, or signed routes along quiet residential streets. This network is specifically designed to be accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

So far 8.1 km of improvements have been completed

August, 2019 Active Transportation Update Report

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