City’s Leash Free Policy now in effect

Fenced dog parks coming to Peter Misersky and Bristol Parks in 2019

Guelph, Ont., July 18, 2019 – The City’s new Leash Free Policy changes how dog owners use sports fields as leash-free areas and paves the way for fenced dog parks.

The Leash Free Policy includes:

  • Building fenced leash-free parks at Peter Misersky Park and Bristol Street Park in 2019 and Lee Street Park in 2020.
  • Permitting use of 41 unoccupied sports fields as leash-free areas; 72 sports fields cannot be used as leash-free areas.
  • Engaging the community on additional leash-free areas through the Parks and Recreation Master Plan consultations.
  • Amending the policy so children under age six are not permitted in fenced leash-free parks; children 7-17 years old must be supervised by an adult at all times.

“We’re grateful to the community for helping us shape the future of leash-free parks,” says Luke Jefferson, manager of Open Space Planning with the City of Guelph. “The final Leash Free Policy gives our community the choice of taking their dogs to one of our existing leash free areas, a new fenced leash-free space or to one of the designated leash-free sports fields.”

The City will include leash free area prioritization as a part of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan engagement happening throughout 2019 and 2020.

Construction on Peter Misersky Park is now underway and Bristol Street Park construction is expected later this year.

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Open Space Planning, Parks and Recreation
City of Guelph
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